Thursday, January 22, 2009

Better Know an Arizona Cardinal

With a little over one week to go until the Super Bowl, it has come to my attention that while the majority of the viewing public is familiar with the Pittsburgh Steelers, most people (including most of Phoenix) know little about the Cardinals. With that in mind, Creative Differences will try to help you better know an Arizona Cardinal. First up: Linebacker Karlos Dansby.

Karlos Dansby wears uniform number 58 because he hates Heinz products and considers himself "above" them. As a result, he goes to great lengths to find Hunt's ketchup products, which isn't always an easy proposition. Additionally, his first name was spelled Carlos until he was old enough to change it, at which point he switched to a "K" because he loves Mortal Kombat. Karlos hates all of the Four Seasons' music, preferring Neil Diamond to pump himself up on gameday.

Dansby is also a virgin.

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