Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lil Wayne needs a high five

I hate celebrity blogs. The ones that aren't just a corporate arm for the celebrity's brand (Kobe, anyone?) are still boring and uninsightful in the worst way. The only celebrity I've ever read consistently is Gilbert Arenas, who doesn't have border patrol at his mouth and actually gives us something both funny and revealing each time he posts.

Unfortunately, most of them don't do that. Take Lil Wayne, for example, whose extraordinarily dull blog has inexplicably attracted reader after reader the last few months. All he does is regurgitate the obvious and demonstrate a laughably deficient grasp of the English language.
I don't like listening to Lil Wayne's music. Why should I give a two shits about his opinions on sports?

That's how I feel most of the time, anyway. Actually, about all of the time. 99.9 percent of the time. But since it's the holiday season, Weezy must have felt like stuffing my stocking with more than crappy albums, because his latest blog post featured the following headline:

Lil Wayne's Blog (Podcast

Edition): "I just don't like the



Let's hear it again!!

Lil Wayne's Blog

(Podcast Edition): "I

just don't like the


One more time!!

"I just don't like

the Steelers."

Aren't the holidays wonderful?? Two people, at least one of whom absolutely can't stand the other, come together thanks to our mutual hatred of Pukesburgh! Sure, Weezy was talking about how he "doesn't like" the Steelers as the AFC representative in the Super Bowl, but this is America! I'm a journalist! I twist words and suppose the negative for a living!

High five, Lil Wayne. High 10. High foot, Secret of the Ooze-style.

Who knows? I may your read your next blog post now.


I'm DJMomJeans, and I hate everything about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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