Friday, December 5, 2008

Eric Allen is the greatest character ever!

Hello there, cheeldren! I'm Eric Allen, and I werk for ESPN as an NFL ainalyst! One of my jubs is to pick who will weein every weekend! This week, the Cleevelind Browns are facing the Tennussee Titans! Tennussee is eeleven and wun, and Cleevelind is four and eight. "Ate" is what keeids do to my deelicious cooking, so I'm picking the Cleevelind Browns!

Aren't I a great chayracter? Eeven though the panel picked neeut one, neeut two, neeut three, neeut four, neeut five, neeut six, neeut seven, neeut eight, beeut NINE clean sweeps amung this week's games, I wuz the only wun to pick Cleevelind! Aren't I a great chayracter?

ESPN's accuscore said Tennussee would weein by 28 points, but that didn't steeup me! Fans voted 95 piercent that Tennussee would weein, but that didn't steeup me, either! All the uther guys asked me why I picked Cleevelind. It's easy! Derrrp!




Well that's it for today, gang. Don't forget yer yellow steeuff and white steeuff!


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