Monday, December 22, 2008

Bill Cowher needs a hug

So apparently Bill Cowher was upset about Keith Bulluck and LenDale White's towel-stomping in the waning seconds of Tennesee's 31-14 curb-stomping of the Steelers Sunday.

Awwww, what's wong, William Laird? Somebody's diswespecting the Steewers? How dare they!

Newsflash, Kaiser Chinhelm II: You coached one of the dirtiest teams in the league. Your whole "respect the game" deal is a crock of shit. That article points out the time when T.J. Houshmazoli wiped his feet with a douchebag dishrag after the Bengals beat you in Pittsburgh, and how your team heroically used that incident as motivation to beat Cincinnati in the playoffs. Oh, the article conveniently neglects to mention that Carson Palmer lasted one pass play in that game before tearing his ACL, but I'm sure that didn't make any difference whatsoever. Way to get caught by the cameras while mocking the Bengals afterwards, too.

One of the things you apparently said during your temper tantrum on CBS was that Keith Bulluck "...should know better." Take your own advice, Cowher Power. Or did you not know that analysts aren't supposed to openly root? You must hang out with Dan Fouts.

To help you work on corking your conniptions, here's a picture of Jevon Kearse rousingly blowing his nose in a douchebag dishrag:

Rock on, Jevon. Wipe your ass with it, too, before you're done. Maybe that will help Billiam keep his emotions in check. Or maybe we'll see Boomer Esiason breastfeed him on set to calm him down.

You know what? That'd be pretty funny. Almost as funny as stomping a douchebag dishrag.

I'm DJMomJeans, and I hate everything about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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