Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Diff, featuring a suspension of hostilities

Editor's note: The Diff is a new every-other-day feature that tells you how things are going in my world at the moment. Topics in play are sports, entertainment and various other leisure activities. Sometimes I'm Bill Raftery, sometimes I'm Billy Packer. Let's go.

A moment of silence

For the three Pittsburgh officers slain in the line of duty Saturday morning in a suburban standoff. Browns fan, Steeler fan, it doesn't matter. Sports rivalries are totally insignificant in this light.

On a lighter note...

Michigan State upset UConn this afternoon and gave the city of Detroit -- really, the whole state of Michigan -- something to be happy about. I love talking smack about the Pistons, but the truth is that their rivalry with the Cavs isn't as fun when the Palace of Auburn Hills isn't jam-packed with Cavs-hating Piston fans. It hasn't been recently thanks to Michigan's crappy economy. Hopefully the economic upswings of the last couple weeks are here to stay.

Brian Windhorst owns all other NBA beat writers

Even when he's writing negatively about the Cavs. Check out his lead from Friday's game story after the Magic beat the living shit out of us:

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The Cavaliers were in their throwbacks Friday night, throwback to about 2002.

Golden. Just plain golden.

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