Friday, April 3, 2009

The Diff, featuring I-told-you-sos

Editor's note: The Diff is a new every-other-day feature that tells you about how things are going in my world at the moment. Topics in play are sports, entertainment and various other leisure activities. Sometimes I'm 'Sheed, sometimes I'm his curious bald spot. Let's go.

Not that anybody asked...

...but Penn State just won the NIT by showing more skill, focus and heart than everyone else all tournament long. It's only the second postseason title in my alma mater's revolting basketball history, and I don't think there's any question that we should have been one of the seven Big Ten teams in the NCAA Tournament. Hey Final Four winner, WE GOT NEXT.

Speaking of Penn State...

My editor just gave me Blue-White weekend off, so I'm 99 percent certain I'll be flying back for the annual spring game. College football is our religion, and tailgating is our mass. Drink up, Nittany Nation.

Wizards of wavering play

If Cavs-Wizards was a rap battle, it'd go like this: the Cavs drop several ridiculously hot Jimmy Rabbit lines on the Wizards, then the Wizards counter with two lines about our moms that don't even rhyme but they talk shit like they totally dissed us anyway. Brendan Haywood made his season debut tonight, Gilbert Arenas saved the best performance of his head-scratching return for tonight, and thousands of fans got to pretend that one victory makes up for three straight postseason pink slips and the most losses in the league this year. Whatever casts your spell, Washington.

Sergeant Sulk gets to pout in the NFC North

Before Jay Cutler was traded to the Bears, I was ready to spin some cathartic yarn about the Browns taking a Bronco quarterback and winning the Super Bowl after a former Bronco quarterback prevented us from winning it three times. That dream has gone down the tubes, although I'm sure the trade isn't hitting me as hard as the guys over at KSK, who are now deprived of two guaranteed meetings every year between Cutlerfucker and his archenemy Marmalard.

Shameless stargazing

Several European teaser posters for the upcoming Star Trek reboot came to my attention, and one of them spoils what I believe was supposed to be a big reveal in the movie. You can read all about it in my forthcoming Star Trek treatise, which could appear anytime in April. *Pushes up glasses*

Gaga for GaGa

I heard that Lady GaGa song "Poker Face" at the bar again tonight. That song is everywhere. Bars, clubs, radio airwaves, sports arenas. Hell it's probably even JoePa's new power walking music.

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