Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pirates Prospect's Wife a Threat to Steal at Any Time

As is typical with the Pirates, they're making news for all the wrong reasons, even if the player mentioned did absolutely nothing wrong and could reasonably be assumed to have no knowledge whatsoever of what took place.

Jose Tabata, an outfielder acquired from the Yankees last summer as part of the Xavier Nady deal, and one of the top 3 prospects in the system, has a crazy wife, apparently. She's also 43. Forty-three, as in more than twice his age (He's 20). She's accused of generally being one crazy bitch, and trying to steal a baby.

Allegedly, the lovely Mrs. Tabata, Amalia Tabata Pereira, of Crazyville, pop. 1, posed as an immigration official and threatened the two-month old infant's mother with deportation, before offering to help her dodge the authorities. She did, however, say she had to take the baby as part of the plan.

Mrs. Tabata has a nice rap sheet that includes fraud and theft convictions (ambitious!) and has no listed hometown because her large amount of aliases makes it impossible to track everything down.

Jose Tabata is thriving for the Pirates this spring training. His strong play, coupled with good spring showings by Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen, has made Pirates fans borderline optimistic about the team in the years ahead. The only question about Tabata has been his maturity, which essentially is the reason he got put on the trading block by the Yankees. He'd been a model citizen during his time with the Pirates, but methinks maybe this wife of his was the source of all the craziness. Time to cut her loose, Jose, this is a career with the Pirates that's on the line, not just any shitty major league team.

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